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We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting face to face and remotely. As well as liaison interpreting.


We supply translations of legal documents including contracts, police and solicitors statements and other business documents. 

Business Services

We help businesses communicate effectively by breaking the language barrier, as well as understanding the cultural differences which is key to building a successful connection.

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About Me

My name is Carolina Fernandez Fawaz. Interpreting has been part of my professional life long before becoming a freelance interpreter and launching Lexis Interpreting & Translation.


Raised in Brazil for 14 years moved to Argentina and then Chile. Having started my career firstly in the hotel industry where I was  communicating continuously in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The constant use of these languages at work led me all the way to Mexico and the US. In 2002, I moved to London where I have lived ever since. My professional journey took me to the media sector where I worked for 13 years and was responsible for licensing BBC programmes to the Latin American market.


Once I became a freelance interpreter, I worked with the UK Home Office, tribunals, courts, the police in England including the MET and the NHS. As a conference simultaneous interpreter, I have worked with the UN, various NGO’s, other organisations and private companies.

  • Masters in Conference Interpreting 

  • Diploma in Public Service Interpreter (DPSI)

  • Police Approved Interpreters and Translators Scheme (PAIT)


I worked with Carolina and I was always impressed by her communication skills as an interpreter. She has a great understanding of interpreting in the legal field and she manages the specialised terminology very well. At the same time, she is able to help whenever cultural differences arise, a key aspect to maintain good business relationships. Carolina is a trustworthy and professional linguist. I will always recommend working with her. 

Rebecca Denia

Skilledworld Ltd

Carolina is a very skilled interpreter and proved to be a committed professional. She regularly helps us with interpretation for our client who deals with humanitarian crisis/issues, and I have full trust and confidence in her. She is always a preferred choice for my projects and has been amazing at communication, work, and meeting deadlines. Carolina is familiar with interpreting tools and is always well prepared and organized.

Inez Jackowska

Lead Project Manager 

I had the pleasure to work with Carolina in a couple of occasions. She helped me with emails and leaflet translations as well as remote video interpretation for a street food event in Spain. Carolina pays great attention to detail and shows professionalism in her work.

The Grilling Greek

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